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All Nations Healin' Thru Artz chapbook launch and performance Apr 8, 2011
Anne is the creative writing facilitator and editor of the chapbook created by the participants of the ANHTA writing workshops.

Regina launch Spring 2011
To the Edge of the Sea Thistledown Press
The sun is shining. The weather is unusually warm. Island breezes - Prince Edward Island that is, are blowing. John A, the John A, is falling in love. The circus is in town.

Thirteen thousand dollars worth of champagne from the Canadian's ship is being poured.
Late lunches of island delicacies abound and " … the ice was broken and the wooing began.," as George Brown, founder of the Globe and Mail proclaimed.

Farini, the tightrope walker from Port Hope Ontario, in a daredevil stilt walk along the top of Niagara Falls, will be stuck on Goat's Island above the American falls.

And so begins and continues the story of Canada.

Creating Possibilities - The Art of Communication
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Regina Public Library Annual Staff Conference November 2010
Keynote: The Principles of Improv at Work and at Home - Yes, and Yes, and!

Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience - Guest Writer Summer 2010

Leading to Creativity and Innovation
University of Regina Business and Professional Development

Discover what will make you and your team creatively and innovatively shine. Learn what facilitates and blocks creativity in individuals. Through engaging activities experience the flow of creativity and the development of innovation.
Instructor: Anne McDonald

Enhancing Your Influence

University of Regina Business and Professional Development

Enhancing your influence requires that you be fully heard, understood, and credited with your good ideas. It also means that others must receive the same treatment. In order for all that to happen, you need to understand the effects and impact of your communication behaviour, attitudes, assumptions, and style, and that of others.

The words we say account for less than 50% of what we actually communicate. Your influence depends on how you are talking to who - and gender can make a difference.
Instructor: Anne McDonald

Arts Connect Conference 2008
Anne presented at the Arts Connect Conference on Saturday, November 22, 2008.

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