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We saw immediate results following Anne's workshops. Our customer service staff are more confident in serving clients. They have learned creative problem solving and can think faster on their feet, regardless of the issue. The outcome has been increased customer satisfaction as clients are being helped faster and getting the answers they need.
Vice President Marketing, iQmetrix

Anne's workshop lessons reverberate throughout our Centre's daily life now. It is not unusual to hear, "That's a great Idea!" echo through our halls. The simple recognition to say "Yes" has impacted our daily work lives. Not only was Anne's workshop fun, engaging, and intriguing, it was also an opportunity to see each other as who we are. Anne is an excellent facilitator and the Rainbow Youth Centre cannot wait to have her back
Assistant Executive Director, Rainbow Youth Centre

The team workshop that you did for us was the highlight of our staff development day. One thing about having staff who have been in the organization for a long time is that it's easy to stop thinking about new possibilities. Your exercises brought the start of a discussion about how we could approach our work with renewed enthusiasm. And all the laughter really brought everybody together.
Director Shelter and Social Programming, YWCA, Regina

* Learning to say, "That's a great idea!" Learning to say, "Yes, and".

* Laughing with co-workers, team, staff.

* How much fun you can have when you don't stay negative.

* Reminder of the positive and negative aspects of thinking and how you can accomplish goals with 'yes, and', instead of using 'yes, but'.

* The idea of 'yes, and' to let ideas flow freely before starting to evaluate.

* Try to use more 'yes, ands' - much more positive.

* When we are discussing situations and coming up with ideas, it's easy to start to thinking about how the ideas won't work rather than encouraging and building on them to make them work.

* Thinking outside the box more often

* I could slow down when starting to assess an idea and encourage unique thinking more - in myself and in others.

* A totally different format than I anticipated, but what a neat learning experience and a valuable learning tool.

* What I really learned was how to listen and communicate more collaboratively, and mean it.

* It's easier to learn another language because I am more willing to make mistakes.

* I was surprised by the team spirit we developed.

* I feel better able and less anxious to talk and read in front of people.

Participants learned to:
'stop censoring themselves';
'to pay attention and listen';
'to let go, to trust themselves';
'not to anticipate the reaction of themselves or others';
'to be more open in perceiving and responding to the environment'.

University of Regina Assistants to Deans and Assistant Deans:
* Absolutely excellent learning that will stick with me ... Very valuable insights.
* Useful to learn to better control situations, assist in avoiding confrontational situations.
* Valuable in the workplace to assist in achieving positive results, respect, more responsibility.
* It made you laugh, but got you thinking.

Farm Credit Canada:
* I am an introverted person who doesn't care to be in spotlight situations. I found it to be a valuable tool for me to use in front of a large group of people.

* I hope to use the info to make myself more aware of how others see me and be more conscious of the kind of image I want to present in certain situations. Also will help to better 'read' and understand others.

* Most interesting - seeing the subtle differences that make such a difference in how you view whether a person seems powerful or not.

* Useful to know how different actions can make you switch from high to low very quickly.

* I have already applied the learning from this workshop in meetings where negotiations are taking place

* The exercises we did in your workshop really helped me appreciate the role status plays in my day to day interactions

* I was surprised at how much fun it was - I expected to have fun, but not that much.


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