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Prairie Improv Communications bases its training on contemporary innovative and experiential learning methods. Your organization and people will acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools to powerfully create communication and leadership success through engaging in creative applied exercises, interactive activities, discussion, and reflection while using the most current research.

Creating communication excellence
* increase awareness of how our filters, attitudes and behaviour affect communication;
* learn tools for listening more effectively;
* develop tools and processes for maximizing communication;
* the words we say count for less than half of what we actually communicate – understand what you are ‘saying’, and how you are being ‘heard’;
* explore the impact of your perceptions and attitudes;
* become more aware of the picture you are presenting and better understand how you are being perceived.

Building effective relationships
* apply processes to create positive relationships that increase client satisfaction, customer loyalty, and leadership skills;
* learn tools for creating positivity, trust, respect, and responsibility at work;
* increase employee confidence, satisfaction, and retention

Increasing innovation and creativity
* apply processes and tools to think more innovatively, creatively, and out of the box;
* use creative methods to effectively generate solutions at first contact;
* understand the processes of creativity and innovation and be more creative as an organization, as an individual, as a team, and as a leader

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Anne McDonald
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