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The Art of Communicating

PrairieImprov provides an innovative and dynamic training process for people and organizations to achieve excellence in communication, team development
and creativity skills.

Prairie Improv Communications bases its training on contemporary innovative and experiential learning methods. Your organization and people will acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools to powerfully create communication and leadership success through engaging in creative applied exercises, interactive activities, discussion, and reflection while using the most current research.

The training is unique, interactive, fun, memorable, and powerful as people find important meaning in the learning and apply it to life and work.


Enhancing your Influence - Collaborative Communication - requires that you be fully heard, understood, and credited with your good ideas. It also means that others must receive the same treatment. In order for all that to happen you need to understand the effects and impact of your communication behaviour, attitudes, assumptions, and style, and that of others. The words we say account for less that 50 % of what we actually communicate. Your influence depends on how you are talking to who - and gender can make a difference.

The Principles of Team building
Laugh and have fun together. Build skills of group awareness, the creation of trust, thinking out of the box, being in the moment and seeing all the offers that are being made. Explore all the possibilities and create and work in whole new ways.

Collaborative Leadership - good leadership requires the ability to listen effectively, and build trust and group awareness. Lead by fostering the acceptance, support and building on to the ideas of all. Learn tools for creating positive solutions quickly and creating maximum communication.

Beyond Words - The Art of Communicating
The words we say count for less than half of what we actually communicate
Our body language and how we speak communicate far more than we might imagine. There are powerful, yet subtle things we do that raise us or diminish our 'status'. Status is not tied to our jobs, money, roles, but to how we behave. The more equal we are in status, the better we are able to get our messages across (and equal is relative).

We can use these same tools to convey to others that we are confident. In control. A leader. When we become aware of our behaviour we can choose to consciously alter it to improve communication and to affect the outcome of situations.

Yes, And! I can: Enhancing relationships, Communicating Excellence
Improve client satisfaction and build commitment and loyalty. Improve the retention rate of your staff by giving them the tools to meet customer and client needs quickly and efficiently. Enhance the ability to listen effectively and see all the offers (anything that is said or done, consciously or not) that are being made. Maximize the potential to create new opportunities and develop new relationships.

Presenting - with confidence, authenticity and openness
Be and respond in the moment, see all offers, increase your awareness of the 'picture' you are presenting. Be seen as confident and authentic. Encourage and respond to questions positively and effectively.

Creativity and Innovation - Learn the essential principles for creativity, and how to lead for innovation


Anne and John did a wonderful job of giving us exactly what we asked for - an interactive and lively but also informative and thought-provoking session that was an excellent way to wrap-up our staff development day.
Jason Hammond, Organization Development Specialist
Regina Public Library (Keynote Nov 2010 RPL Annual Staff Conference)

Participant comments:
* Simply awesome. Fun but not just for the sake of fun - had a really important message that I hope staff heard (amongst all the laughter.)
* Informative. Fun. Well presented by articulate and knowledgeable speakers.

We saw immediate results. … The outcome was increased employee confidence and the ability to think more quickly and creatively. And, improved customer satisfaction.
Vice President Marketing iQmetrix

… the highlight of our staff development day …
Director Shelter and Social Programming YWCA Regina

Absolutely excellent learning that will stick with me. … Very insightful.
University of Regina Assistants to Deans & Assistant Deans

In the weeks and months following the training, we were newly aware of habits of thought and interaction that had previously gone unnoticed. As such, we realized that we could change them -- we could think and interact in new ways that liberated more of our individual and collective potential.
Sherry Van Hesteren Teacher, Campbell Collegiate

The result was that each of us was able to take away valuable insights that we could then bring to the workplace. … the workshop was an overwhelming success.
Faculty Administrator, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Regina

Participant Comments from various sessions:
What surprised you?
* The activities that got everyone involved; the amount of staff issues that were discussed; the laughter and togetherness.
* The high level of group interaction and personal and physical involvement.
* the high level of engagement.
* How the activities and what we did today reflect our roles and behaviour at work.
* How small changes of behaviour and body language can affect the outcome of situations.

Anne McDonald
Phone: (306) 546-2427

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