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About Improv

Put your broad range of experience to work playing for you. Improv can affect the way you look at life and keeps you mentally flexible. It can keep you physically well too - 100 laughs is equal to 15 minutes of exercise. Improv is the hardest work I've ever done and the most fun I've ever had.

Come experience it and (re) discover your sense of play and joy while learning the art of improv. Improv developed out of improvisational theatre. It uses exercises, activities and games to develop spontaneity and creativity, enhance communication and listening skills, explore focus, accepting and teamwork, and to develop a sense of "play".

Writers, teachers, communicators, actors, business people, artists, and improvisers have found the study of improv to be an important tool in the development of their craft. Improv employs techniques for being in the moment, being present to everything - aware of the space, of the people, of everything around you. You learn to get out of your head, not to analyse, to allow what is present now to affect you.

Improv is about accepting your partners and their creations as well as developing the skill and courage to expand and extend those creations. Through improv one can develop their narrative skills, see what makes characters interesting to people, understand the importance of status within relationships, and build narratives that go beyond the expected paths.

People become more aware of the moment - what it holds and its potential. Increased spontaneity and creativity are the natural outcomes of this process. The ability to adapt to change and mental flexibility are enhanced. Life is a stage and we are all actors. Through the development of our improv skills, we become more alive, more open to our environment.

We are more emotionally honest, and are aware of the unspoken interactions (scripted or not) between ourselves and others. We as actors can also use improv techniques to be more open and released, ready to respond to our environment and each other.


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